Monday, March 19, 2012

Tim Tebow Aborted. Payton Manning at QB

Well, Folks. Your friendly neighborhood Fire Witch predicted Tim Tebow wouldn't last another season at the Denver Broncos:

And today, it turns out, I was right. For $95 million dollars, Payton Manning has signed on to be the Bronocs' quarterback for the next five years. Assuming of course that he doesn't get his neck snapped the first year.

Let's face it. Tim Tebow got what he deserved for supporting an anti-abortion organization like Focus on the Family, which wants to force women to give birth to rape babies and their own father/brother/uncle's children. You heard me right. Not even in the case of rape. Not even in the case of incest. Timmy wants women back on their backs as brood sows and back on the coathangers if they don't want the baby.

Well, fuck you buddy. John Elway's marching Payton Manning down the aisle, and you are left out in the cold like a pregnant teenager with no place to go. Welcome to the world you wanted.

Now go fly your jesus-freak flag in somebody else's town.

And take your assclown circus with you. We don't need anymore christian extremists fouling up the place.

It's bad enough as it is with the Sons of Italy and their Columbus Day parade.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Pending Appeal Decision RE: Human Rights of First Nations Children

UPDATE: Judicial review (appeal) of human rights complaint heard in Federal Court February 13-15th, decision pending
The judicial review (appeal) of the human rights complaint filed by the Caring Society and the Assembly of First Nations was heard February 13-15th in Federal Court in Ottawa. The complaint, filed in 2007, argues that the Federal Government is discriminating against First Nations children by failing to provide equitable and culturally based services on-reserve. The complaint was dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal in March 2011 on a legal technicality. The Caring Society, Assembly of First Nations, and Canadian Human Rights Commission are fighting that decision.

The case was heard by Justice Mactavish, a former President of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, who promised to render a decision as soon as possible. The Caring Society anticipates a decision to be released this early spring.