Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Daily Camera Shill Charlie Brennan Endorses Hate Speech

In celebration of his new job as senior reporter at the Boulder Daily Camera, class-act and e-cheater Charlie Brennan endorsed a photo that reads "Who's unemployed NOW, bitch?!" on his November 11, 2012 Facebook page with the following comment:

"Frank [Coffman] - This resonates with me on a number of levels - and also made me smile. Potential coffee, Monday?"

Gee Charlie, why do you enjoy using hate speech like the word "bitch" so much?

Still reeling from your gutwrenching three years of unemployment?

Or is it all that charity vag the wife didn't give you after your e-affair with Our Dear Lady of the Mysteries was exposed on the Internet, an exposure that got you fired from the Ward Churchill smear campaign at the now-annihilated Rocky Mountain News?

Do you like using misogynist hate speech because all the excruciating details of that e-affair still live at The Brennan Files?

[Warning to kind readers: Charlie's tedious writing will make your eyes bleed, but do try to hold on to the end. It's such a great laugh at a creepy old man.]

Why so much hatred for women, Chas?

Was it that David "do not go near her" Sirota dustup over his wife Emily Sirota? You know, the one where Guerin Green followed you out of a restaurant and said, "It's a good thing this isn't 100 years ago. You'd be hanging from a tree."

Wow. Somebody wants to hang Charlie Brennan because of the way he treated a woman. I'm shocked, shocked, shocked!

But really Charlie, might all this misogyny be the simple result of your gnawing fear that some woman will keep following your mediocrity to infinity and beyond, keeping it alive on the internet forever? And if so, wouldn't that make you HER bitch?

Inquiring minds wanna know, hater.

[Readers who would like an answer from Mr. Brennan are encourage to tweet the vapid twit here at]

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