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Know Your Enemy: Is Spencer Craddock a Future Rapist?

Thanks to the tone and subject matter of this blog, I get a fair amount of hate mail and the occasional death threat, but I rarely share the delightful experience with FWR readers. Why bother? The threats are all the same.

However, an email I received recently from someone named Spencer Craddock serves as such a great example of white male arrogance and rapist misogyny that I could not resist publishing it.

I have no idea if Spencer Craddock is this assclown's real name, but I think he is creepy enough to deserve some exposure, whatever his real identity. He used the email address is the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts.

Clearly, a potential bean counter in the making. A future Little Eichmann, even? Well, let's see.

A few days ago, young Mister Craddock sends an email to my inbox with the title, "Questions from a confusted teenage boy who just wants to understand."

Confusted? Dang cufusted, apparently. But don't he sound sweet?

What oh what could be his dilemma?

Turns out he's found me by googling for rape statistics. Here's his opening:

"Dear Fire Witch,

I read your thread, "Yes, It's You: The Rapist Checklist" today and your comments today and have a few questions.

So first of all, I figured I'd tell you a little about me, just to clear the air. I am an eighteen year old Caucasian male from continental USA. I'm uber-liberal and have always considered myself a feminist, and my female friends and family have always agreed that I am. I was doing research on some statistics about rape when your thread popped up and that's how I got there.

So. . ."
So, yeah. BIG HUGE red flag right there. He's an uber-liberal (whatever the holy fuck that means). And he claims he's got the feminist bonafides from mommy and friends.

Now I'm really worried. This is way too much foreplay. Somebody's about to get fucked.

"In one of your comments you stated, "We women have been far too nice to rapists. All men ARE potentially rapists until proven otherwise." And this worries me. This to me comes off as "All men a guilty of rape until proven to be non-rapist." Which has multiple problems with it: (1) Ignores "innocent until proven guilty," and (2) all men are still capable of rape as long as we are capable of an erection, so how does one prove themselves a non-rapist while alive? Seems impossible to me.

But, I also think that there is probably some logic or reasoning behind what you said which I am just not understanding. So if I could get some help there I would really appreciate it, because I'm a guy who really doesn't think it's fair for me to be treated as a rapist when I'm not one.

Spencer Craddock"

Makes yer heart bleed don't it? Poor Master Craddock feels he's being treated unfairly by living AS A MAN in a country where a woman is raped once every six minutes.

And YOU feel oh so treated unfairly? I'll take this to mean, young Spencer, that you have never spent time in prison, or anywhere outside your white male bubble of privilege.

Note how Spencer conflates that all men are POTENTIALLY rapists into all men are guilty of rape, and then shoots that straw man down with some authoritarian parentheticals. Well, at least he can count to two.

I replied that it's just common sense that all men are potentially capable of rape, just as they are of murder or any other evil. Then I hit him with a zinger sure to sting him in his pompous white male sense of entitlement. I said that there is no such thing as a feminist male. Only women can be feminist. Men can be feminist ALLIES. We women decide what it means to be a feminist, and who is or is not one.

Boy, that sure flared up his misogyny, like that bad case of acne that's got him spending way too much time on the internet in the first place. How dare women define themselves? By god, where's my DICK-tionary!

". . . But the definition of Feminism is "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men," NOT "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men, when asserted by women." Are you just redefining what feminism is to fit your worldview?"
But before I can reply, he fires this whiny missive:
"After reading your blog more, I've decided it's in both our best interests to agree to disagree on some issues and walk the other way. Sorry, but I don't see why I should be treated as a rapist for being born with the tool for rape, just as I don't see the point in treating all dogs as aggressive because they're born with teeth. I also don't like how you seem to celebrate when white men get injured/murdered (like you celebrated murders in Libya this recent 9-11) simply because they're white and male. If they were black American men or women who had been murdered that day, I wonder what your blog would have read.

Good luck, and goodbye
-Spencer C."
Notice how the fucker forecloses on the conversation before I have a chance to agree to whether or not the conversation is actually closed.

"I've decided...," this white male proclaims. Really? A white male has decided he's THE DECIDER? Imagine my surprise.

What's really striking is that like a lot of overprivileged, pale-faced brats, he never knew what neighborhood he was mouthing off in, and now he's going to run for the hills before one of the locals can tear his proverbial dick off.

Not a smart move when one of those locals is a writer. Writers ALWAYS get the last word.

So Spencer, let me ask you this. If one out of every three people was bitten by a dog, how carefully WOULD YOU approach every dog YOU met?

About as carefully as you'd approach a naked man in a prison shower, I reckon.

So is Spencer Craddock a future rapist? By his creepy refusal to acknowlegde the saturation rape culture most women in the United States live under, and then making himself out to be the victim, I'd say there is a pretty good chance.

But that was my argument all along. Spencer Craddock is a man, therefore, he has the POTENTIAL to be a rapist, and all women should approach him as such.

By the way Spencer. I truly hope you didn't use your real name and email address in this one-sided, creepy correspondence. Because words can live on the internet forever.

Just like the Rapist Checklist.


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Blogger Fire Witch said...

Sorry creeps.

I control what happens here.

And the only DVD I'll be watching is HARD CANDY, you know, the one with Ellen Page.

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