Saturday, December 20, 2008

Freedom! Lance Hering Released By His Marine Captors

In a final, punitive act, the white power gangbanging cult that is the United States Marine Corps shaved Lance Herring's long, blond hair almost to the scalp, but they did not imprison him for refusing to return to the racist slaughter that is Amerika's invasion of Iraq.

Huzzah! Lance. Well done. May your still-captive brother Brendan learn to find the same humanity in himself that you and your father have.

Welcome home. I look forward to meeting you.

Lance Cpl. Lance Hering leaves the building after his court-martial hearing at Camp Pendleton on Friday. His parents, Elynne and Lloyd Hering, follow. Photo by Matt MCclain / The Rocky

Hero Marine Released By His Captors
"I believe it's not surprising that my son was torn by the war in Iraq," he said.

Lance was born in Saudi Arabia, he said, where he and his wife taught English. He spent 11 of his first 13 years there, where his friends were Middle Eastern boys in his Scout troop and on his soccer team, where he looked up to the American military men and women he saw.

Then Lance Hering found himself in Iraq, in an infantry unit, fighting soldiers who looked like his childhood friends.

Lloyd Hering told of how quiet Lance was when he came home on leave in the summer of 2006, how distant he was, and of his growing understanding of PTSD.

"I did not recognize it in myself many years ago when I returned from my service in Vietnam, and my family has paid a price for that," he said.

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