Saturday, December 13, 2008

And Even MORE Pigs Get Some

Yes, our oppressors are human, if only because they can be made to bleed.

Not a great week for the pigs, aye?

They've been set on fire in Greece...

... and now blown up in Oregon.

Great job, genius, on picking up the bomb and carrying it INTO the bank! You are my nominee for the 2008 Darwin Award. Clearly, stupid is as stupid does.

Get some!

Bomb at a Bank in Oregon Kills 2 Uniformed Thugs, Chief Pig In Critical Condition
Published: December 13, 2008

WOODBURN, Ore. (AP) — A bomb explosion at a bank killed a police officer and a state bomb disposal technician, and state police did not have any suspects, officials said Saturday.

“That person is dangerous and needs to be found as soon as possible,” said Lt. Gregg Hastings of the Oregon State Police.

The explosion occurred Friday afternoon at a West Coast Bank branch in Woodburn, about 30 miles south of Portland.

The police went to check on a telephoned bomb threat received by a Wells Fargo bank branch in the center of town and found a suspicious device that turned out to be harmless. But the police said the investigation led them to the nearby West Coast office where the bomb was found.

The police would not discuss a possible motive for the bombing. Lieutenant Hastings said he did not know of any grudges against the West Coast Bank, a statement echoed by its president and chief executive, Robert Sznewajs.

“We’re not aware of anything,” Mr. Sznewajs said.

Police Capt. Tom Tennant and Senior Trooper William Hakim, both 51, died at the scene. Captain Tennant was a 28-year veteran of the Woodburn Police Department, and Trooper Hakim, a bomb technician, had been with the force for 11 years.

Woodburn’s police chief, Scott Russell, 46, was injured. Chief Russell, who has been with the Police Department for two decades, was in critical condition but stable at a Portland hospital.

State police said the inside of the bank was extensively damaged, and a female employee was treated at a hospital and released. Another bank employee was uninjured.

Lieutenant Hastings declined to describe the bomb in detail but indicated it was powerful. A bank employee found the bomb in bushes outside, and it exploded after officers took it inside.

Lieutenant Hastings said he did not know why the officers took the bomb inside.

Federal authorities said Saturday that they were offering a $35,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

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Anonymous Sybil said...

I was actually there at the scene of that top photo. I took a picture from the other side, but didn't see what had happened immediately beforehand, because I had been hanging way back at the end of the block due to the sense of doom pervading the air. Basically the global justice march had well intentioned people and started out okay - but someone had issued a communique that caused the police to assign too many officers, and they tried to stop it at the beginning for not having a permit. Usually this department superficially will work with spontaneous demos. After they arrested someone with a loud stereo, the Captain Greg Suhr (who was later reassigned for lying to the Chief about radio communications) pulled the whole squad off duty, but there were still maybe 5 officers instead of 90. But apparently they don't communicate at all, because this regular patrol car driven by the man with cut there came across the group proceeding down the street with a bullhorn and signs. He didn't realize there was a march and panicked and accelerated towards 10 people in a crosswalk, and we thought that several of them had been hit. It might have been their backpacks and signs going over the hood instead.

12/25/2008 2:23 PM  
Blogger Fire Witch said...

Thanks, Sybil, for the on the scene report. It's good to have some context for the picture's content.

1/10/2009 3:31 PM  

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