Friday, February 29, 2008

Payback's A Snitch: Race War Baby Killer, Prince Harry, Headed Home

Now that Prince Harry's been pulled from waging white supremacist war against the people of Afghanistan - for poppies and pipelines - he's headed home. This change in his deployment means the little lordling just became a walking Twin Towers of future, retributive blowback. He'll never have a worry-free moment for the rest of his short life.

Which reminds me, do you know what the IRA replied to Margaret Thatcher's mocking remark about the "luck of the Irish" after their near-miss attack on her lair at the Brighton Hotel?

"Mrs. Thatcher, we only have to get lucky once. You have to get lucky every day."

Harry is pulled out of Afghanistan - but now becomes a terror target back home

Harry's first bomb: Directing operations: Prince Harry talks to aircraft control from JTAC Hill close to Base Dwyer and two US F15 jets discharge separate 500lb charges onto a Taliban bunker system after being given clearance by the Prince - known to pilots only as call sign Widow Six Seven.

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