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Stan Goff Calls Out the Misogynists at Life After the Oil Crash and Jim Kunstler.Com

Editorial intervention from Stan Goff

De Clarke forwarded the latest from Jim Kunstler via Life After the Oil Crash (LATOC), wherein Kunstler manages to drip his “critique” of Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy with effortless sexism and racism, and LATOC follows on enthusiastically with references to “bitch-slapping” contests.

We are obliged, then, as a site that echoes some of the themes for which Kunstler and LATOC are known (unsustainability and looming energy crisis), to denounce both for this gratuitious attack on women, and Kunstler’s execreble references to “oriental despots” and obvious reference to Black men as “lumpen baby-daddy’s.”

Kunstler’s cluelessness about gender as a system of social power is apparently as limitless as that of the right-wingers against whom he postures as their intellecutal superior; and LATOC (in an editor’s note by Matt Savinar) not only gives Kunslter’s screed its enthusiastic seal of approval, it includes extensive quotes from Kunstler’s worst pop-Freudian rants about the “crisis” of American “manhood”.

In the past, I have made special and extended efforts to point out the dangers inhering in the neo-malthusian account of the energy crisis. This account is attractive to privileged metropolitan white men like Kunstler and Savinar because it hangs its entire account on nicely disembodied empirical data. Inevitably, this narrow reading of the “energy” issue becomes both racist and masculinist.

Insurgent American emphatically rejects this approach; and with it, we reject and denounce all attacks on any public figures that are gendered. We bow to no one in our opposition to Senator Clinton’s war-mongering, her unequivocal support for the crimes of the State of Israel, her crass political opportunism, and her devotion to the right-wing DLC. All these can be critiqued without resorting to misogynist slurs that are, intrinsically, attacks on all women.

The struggle against patriarchy — in its economic, political, cultural, and psychological dimensions — remains not merely a goal of any revolutionary project, but an absolute and inexorable precondition of the revolution. We will not take shortcuts across the bloodied bodies of women.

Read the rest...

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PDX Indymedia: Do You Have Restless Leg Syndrome?

Priceless! And a perfect analysis of our alienated, overmedicated, and constipated kulture. The cure for RLS will leave you shaking your head at the gross stupidity of it all. Oh, for the touch of a pill...

Do You Have Restless Leg Syndrome?
Yes, that's right. "Restless leg syndrome." Probably, you're thinking at this very moment, "Yes! I have that!" And that's the plan. See, almost everyone in America has had this "syndrome" at least once, probably more than once. And GlaxoSmithKline is banking on that. That, and human nature as revealed by corporate psychologists paid to teach them how to play on your emotions to manipulate you into buying their products.

And those psychologists are telling them, everyone loves a "syndrome." Especially one that comes with an acronym. RLS. Sounds so important, doesn't it? Sounds so in need of loving treatment. And in a world growing colder by the minute, where our every interaction is mediated through cold and heartless economic transactions, a world where we have been transformed from human beings to mere consumers, sometimes we want a syndrome. Sometimes, we just want someone, or something, to take care of us. Sometimes, it feels like the only connection we get with others anymore is through products like these that pretend to be "treating" us, "caring for" us. We feel so alienated and commodified that it almost feels like someone cares, someone understands, when we are offered the kind touch of a pill to make us feel better and a warm and fuzzy commercial about how special we are, having this "syndrome" and all.

So that's what pharmo-corp giant GSK is banking on. They want you to feel like they understand you. They want their description of RLS to resonate with you, and they want the desperate, bored, alientated monotony of life in the 21st century to move you to take on the mantle of this syndrome just for something different to think about and tell your friends. This is state-of-the-art emotional manipulation and yes, this shit works. People by the droves are flocking to "ask their doctors if Requip is right for them." Because of course they must have RLS, I mean, the commercials are describing their symptoms as if they actually understand. And the physicians, plied with kickbacks and free samples, are only to happy to oblige.
Read the rest...

Two Charges Against Lt. Watada Dropped. Subpoenas on Journalists Lifted

See also previous post - Why We Need a National Shield Law: Army Subpoenas Civilian Journalist
Watada trial starts Feb. 5

Army drops two charges against resister

By John Catalinotto
Published Jan 30, 2007 10:01 PM

Lt. Ehren Watada will face two fewer charges when he is brought before a military court-martial on Feb. 5 in Ft. Lewis, Wash. The Army dropped two of four charges of “conduct unbecoming an officer”; as a result, it also dropped subpoenas against two reporters, which had stirred up considerable protest regarding freedom of the press.

Watada still faces a heavy charge of “missing movement” for his refusal of conscience to deploy to Iraq, as well as two charges of “conduct unbecoming” based on anti-war statements he made during public speeches. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to four years’ confinement.

While courts-martial are stacked against defendants even more than trials in civilian courts, the Army too has to weigh the political consequences of dealing a harsh sentence to a popular junior officer for refusing to fight an unpopular, ugly war.

Subpoenas on journalists lifted

To prosecute the case against Watada, the Army had attempted to subpoena two reporters—independent journalist Sarah Olson of Oakland, Calif., and Greg Kakesako of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin—and force them to testify concerning the lieutenant’s words. Watada is from Hawaii and his parents are well-known public figures there.

The Army decided to drop the subpoenas on Jan. 29 after a campaign to defend the right of the media to report on cases of dissenters had begun to pick up support from the National Press Club, the Society of Professional Journalists, PEN American Center, Military Reporters and Editors, and many individual writers and journalists.

In a statement, Olson said, “This should be seen as a victory for the rights of journalists in the U.S. to gather and disseminate news free from government intervention, and for the rights of individuals to express personal, political opinions to journalists without fear of retribution or censure. I am glad the growing number of dissenting voices within the military will retain their rights to speak with reporters. But I note with concern that Lt. Watada still faces prosecution for exercising his First Amendment rights during public presentations.”

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A bell hooks Video: White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy Dismantled

I saw this link to the bell hooks video over at Insurgent American. This was my first time hearing ms. hooks give a talk. As deftly as a master surgeon, she cuts open the cancerous, colonized heart of everything from whiteboy wannabees, OJ, and Madonna to rap, the pro-rape film KIDS, and Spike Lee.

Divided into eight segments, the videos of this renowned intellectual and author of fourteen books are as accessible as they are riveting. You can find them at google under the search results for "bell hooks."

Saturday, January 27, 2007

An English Grammer Lesson: Exposing the Haters Behind the Language

This remarkable book, Speaking Freely: Unlearning the Lies of the Fathers' Tongues by Julia Penelope, ought to be required reading for English majors at every university in Amerika. Here's an excerpt from Dr. Penelope's laser-sharp expose of patriarchal rhetoric and linguistic coercion, and the ways they are used to drown out all but whitemale voices:
Understanding how English controls the way we think and act is crucial to our welfare. What we say is not an insignificant "issue." Neither are the words we hear. Words do hurt us. Nigger, fatty, wop, kike, spic, crip, porker, birdlegs, queer cause emotional wounds that don't heal. The point of those insults is clear: anyone who isn't white, anglo-saxon, thin, and stereotypically attractive is "fair game" for the stupid and the vicious. Other words, used by men to insult other men, motherfucker, son of a bitch, bastard, sissy, and cunt, insult men because they're female words. A "motherfucker" fucks his mother; a "bastard" doesn't know who his father was so his mother is a whore; a "sissy" is a male who "acts like a woman." Because being a woman is the worst thing men can think of, we are most accessible to insult and the basis of men's worst insults.

During the Burning Time, a period spanning roughly three centuries and known, in patriarchal histories as the "renaissance," hundreds of thousands, even millions of women were tortured, beaten, and burned at the stake because, their accusers said, they were witches with the power to cast "glamours." These glamours, or magic spells, the inquisitors said, caused the genitals of men to disappear, unmanning them and rendering them impotent, powerless. While women were being tortured and burned alive, male clerics and scholars were writing the earliest grammers of the English language, seeking thereby to fix and standardize its proper usage for all time. Their arrogance is exposed when one realizes that the rules of patriarchal English are glamours: made-up rules said to describe the language that are, in fact, illusions conjured by men's ideas of how the language ought to behave. White men's grammars of English have successfully glamorized the way all speakers of English think and use the language every day of their lives. Like the finery of the fairy-tale emperor's "new clothes," their rules are insubstantial and illusory.

In Speaking Freely, I have focused on how English promotes and maintains woman-hating in the u.s., but readers should bear in mind that the development of "standard" English is founded in elitism and anglo ethnocentricity as well.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Iraq Blackhawk Down: Five Officers Dead

Two Colonels
One Lt. Colonel
One Major
One Captain

Bush still The Decider.

Iraq crash exacts heavy toll from U.S.
Associated Press

January 25, 2007

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Two colonels, one lieutenant colonel and two command sergeants major were among the 12 soldiers killed last weekend in a Black Hawk helicopter crash northeast of Baghdad, the Pentagon said.

It appeared to be the largest number of key officers and command sergeants killed in a single incident during since the
Iraq war started nearly four years ago.

The U.S. command has not said why so many key officers were aboard a single helicopter, which went down Saturday in Diyala province, one of the flashpoints of the Iraq conflict.
Read the rest...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bombs and Shields: Black Panther Party Veterans Arrested As a Result of Torture-Induced "Confessions"

From Bombs and Shields, and a sobering reminder of the evil that is the Grand Jury system in racist Amerika:

San Fransisco, California, U.S. - Eight veterans of the Black Panther Party (BPP,) seven of whom are accused of belonging to the Black Liberation Army (BLA,) were arrested today on charges stemming from the 1971 shooting death of San Fransisco Police Sgt. John V. Young.

The August 29, 1971 attack on the Ingleside Police Station came only eight days after San Quentin prison guards gunned down BPP Field Marshal "Soledad Brother" George Jackson. The murder of Jackson provoked threats of retaliation and even sparked the Attica Prison rebellion.

Seven of the men arrested, all suspected BLA members, were charged with murder and conspiracy. They are Ray Michael Boudreaux, 64, of Altadena; Richard Brown, 65, of San Francisco; Herman Bell, 59, and Jalil Abdul Muntaqim formerly known as Anthony Bottom, 55, both currently incarcerated in New York state; Henry Watson Jones, 71, of Altadena; Francisco Torres, 58, of Queens, New York; and Harold Taylor, 58, of Panama City, Florida.

Another suspect, Ronald Stanley Bridgeforth, 62, was still being sought on murder and conspiracy charges. Authorities believe he could be in France, Belize or Tanzania.

Taylor and two others faced murder charges in 1973, but the case was dismissed after a San Francisco judge ruled that torture was used to extract confessions from the men. San Francisco Police Department Inspectors Frank McCoy and Ed Erdelatz were present for the interrogation and torture which consisted of stripping the men naked and beating them with a lead pipe, blind folding them and throwing wool blankets soaked with boiling water over their bodies, placing electric probes on their genitals and other body parts, inserting an electric cattle prod in their anus, punching and kicking, and slamming them into walls while blindfolded.

McCoy and Erdelatz came out of retirement to lead the investigation when the case was reopened sometime in 2002. The decision to re-investigate the incident followed the Department of Justice's expanding prosecution of political crimes in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Bell's attorney Stuart Hanlon called the arrests a "prosecution based on vengeance and hate from the '60s." "There's a law enforcement attitude that they hate these people, the Panthers," Hanlon said. "Now they're going after old men."

As in other recent political cold cases, and even some new cases, it seems that the prosecution relied on the grand jury system to gather evidence that had for so long eluded them. In 2005 five former Panthers including Ray Michael Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Hank Jones, Harold Taylor, and John Bowman were jailed for not cooperating with the grand jury.

Jones is now a Pasadena area real estate appraiser in his 70s. He refused to cooperate because of the coercive and punitive nature of the grand jury proceedings . He said "I spent six weeks in San Francisco County Jail, and I'd spend six years if necessary."

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Charlie Brennan! The Westword's Michael Roberts Says You Make No Sense

For the second time in less than a week, reporter Michael Roberts of the Westword has had to call out Charlie Brennan for his sloppy journalistic ethics.

The Rocky Mountain News is all giddy today about its brand spanking new toy newspaper, which has shrunk several inches due to a budget crunch (nobody reads the crappy, racist rag and trees are expensive).

In the first Roberts story, the sordid tale of Brennan's venal letters to the Mystery Lady finally makes the mainstream media. ****Warning**** Article contains woman-hating language and imagery, may trigger PTSD responses in those who have suffered sexual trauma. Skip to the last paragraph on the first page.

In the second Roberts story, Chucky is called out for failing to get the Darrent Williams grand jury / no grand jury facts straight in a bizzarre feature story in the new format Rocky. Just like the good ole Ramsey days, Brennan relies on an anonymous source and fails to check his facts with those truly in the know. Remember this headline from back in August?

"The decade-long search for JonBenet Ramsey's killer came to a startling end in Thailand on Wednesday."

Yo, Chick. Simple rule here dude. If you can't prove it, don't print it. Stop being such a sock puppet mouthpiece for the police department and you won't get so damn played.

For folks interested in the all around beat-down that the new Rocky format has gotten, take a look at the reader responses.

It's sheer poetry.

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Porn is Rape: Man Who Molested 5 Girls, Had 68,000 Porn Pics

He used his kids as bait.

He got 30 years to life in prison.
A man who was convicted of molesting five young girls, who were between 4 and 6 years old, during sleepovers at his Arvada home was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison, the Jefferson County District Attorney announced Monday.In November, Scott Allen Thompson, 29, had pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust in a pattern of conduct.Thompson is a father of two and often threw parties for the neighborhood kids and encouraged his children's friends to spend the night, authorities said.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Two African American Coaches Taking Teams to the Superbowl

Above: Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts

Below: Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears.

Tony Dungy has just coached the Indianapolis Colts to come from behind 21-3 at halftime to win the AFC championship. It was the largest comeback in AFC (or NFC) championship history.

He will face Coach Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears in the Superbowl on February 4th.

***Update*** January 22, 2007 - The incomparable Kai Chang of Zuky left this comment, which deserves a front page posting and reply:
Kai said...

Just got home from watching today's football games with a group of friends almost all of whom were men of color, and throughout the game we were discussing the implications of the spectacle of two Black men coaching the Superbowl. Some see it as a grand opportunity to talk about race on the biggest stage in America, not just the tokenism but the history. Others were less optimistic, fearing a racist backlash of some sort.

As I always say to my friends who are passionately arguing about, nay delivering speeches on, the hyper-technical arcana of sports predictions: "If you just watch the game, we'll see. That's why we're doing this."

Dear Kai:

I spent the day mulling over what you said about the coaches going to the Superbowl and your friends' conflicted feelings in regards to celebrating these men's triumphs. I also had reservations about the spectacle that is the Superbowl and my engagement with it. Not only are the drug-pushing commercials hideously sexist, but it's a male-dominated sport that is grotesquely exploitative of men of color and highly elitist.

But damnit, what it must have taken for those two coaches to have risen to the places of leadership that they did! I can remember hearing my racist, white father bashing black athletes when I was younger by saying that there would never be a black quarterback because they weren't smart enough. In addition, I am painfully aware of the second class status that women athletes in this country face (where's our super-hyped Superbowl?), so I felt many conflicting emotions while watching the spectacle of the AFC championship game Sunday night.

But by god it sure was good to see my racist father's lies given a much-deserved deep sixing by not only black quarterbacks, but now outstanding African American coaches as well.

Someday I hope Coach Dungy will tell us what it was that he said to his players in that locker room at half time when they were down by eighteen points. The way they came roaring back onto the field like they truly believed they would win, Coach Dungy's remarks must have been extraordinary. He must have known, from all his years of struggle against racist doubters, just exactly what to say to motivate his team to do the impossible, to do what had never been done.

All I can say about my choice to engage in the spectacle that is Amerikan football is that I want all of us who fight so hard to win against impossible odds to witness and learn from excellence in motion. And that instructional excellence is often going to come from places where we have been taught to least look for it.

So Kai, I think you are dead-on when you say "If you just watch the game, we'll see. That's why we're doing this."

Yep. Cuz we are not only going to see it - in our lifetimes - but actually be a vital part of making it happen.

We are going to make happen what everyone said was impossible.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brownfemipower: In Solidarity: Palestinian and Israeli Women Queer Activists

The Hebrew writing reads: "I have sex with Palestinian women."

I first saw this photo on, but cropped. Kai, the site's editor, explained his reason for doing so this way:
I originally posted the entire photo, but then I started getting search hits that I didn't want so I decided to crop it. I felt quite tentative about posting the photo in the first place, because even though I think it's a powerful political image, the deployment of the female body has gotten so corrupt in our culture that it's difficult if not impossible to distance oneself from all the exploitation. Brownfemipower and brown rab girl fish are in a better position to fend off dorky oglers than I am, so I'll leave it to them.
The complete photo can be found here at BrownFemiPower's blog with the following comment:
To everybody–the women in the picture are palestinian and israeli women–they are part of a group of queer activists located in Israel. The group connects their struggles as queer people in a conservative nation to colonialism and nationalism that their nation participates in–they are called Kvisa Shchora (black laundry) and their site is here.
I struggled with whether or not to post the entire picture, or just the cropped version. Kai is right, in that this image of the extraordinary power of real women's bodies and spirits in resistance to racism and sexism can be lost in the ogling nature of our rape culture. And I instinctively wanted to shield these women from that rapist, male gaze.

However, to do so, only reinforces men's power to intimidate us into hiding who we really are, the very hegemony that the women in the photo are resisting so beautifully.

***Update 1.21.07***

Kai Chang has left a kind comment on this post that relates more on his thoughts behind his respectful choice to crop the photo:
Kai said...

Greetings Ye Mighty Fire Witch,

First off, I dig your blog. You may have noticed that I blog about a lot of the same kinds of things at Zuky. It doesn't hurt that I think you're an astute perceiver and a terrific writer.

Anyway, I'm actually glad you posted the entire photo, because as you note it's a powerful expression of resistance. Yet, as I noted with some regret at my place, as a man I just didn't feel okay with having my intention misinterpreted. And yet, and yet, as you note, in a way it's a capitulation to intimidation. So I guess I remain ambivalent.

Anyway, keep up the great work! I'll try to delurk more often.



Thursday, January 18, 2007

Uh, Yeah. Really Slow Week For Me.

Not much happening. Not much happening a'tall.

Except... Queen takes Pawn.


Oh, and Mystery Lady, please check your inbox, ASAP.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dead on Mt. Everest: Manifest Destiny Moment

Disrespect Her - and you die - for Her Tibetan name is "Chomolangma (goddess mother of the snows)" and Her Nepali name is "Sagarmatha (Mother of the Universe)."
Mount Everest, Himalaya
Photograph by Greg Child

Death on the Mountain

Renowned climber Greg Child took this photograph in 1994, during his first bid for the summit with Tom Whittaker. Everest is strewn with the uncovered bodies of dead climbers.

Why We Need a National Shield Law: US Army Subpoenaes Civilian Journalist

Journalist Sarah Olson

The Watada Family

Published on Wednesday, January 17, 2006 by The Progressive

Journalist on Hot Seat in Court-Martial Case
by Matthew Rothschild

Sarah Olson was on a big story, and now she has become a part of it.

The freelance journalist was one of the first reporters to cover the story of Lt. Ehren Watada, who is facing a court martial for publicly refusing to deploy to Iraq. Watada has denounced the war as “illegal and unjust.”
“Being forced to choose between my personal liberty and my integrity is not a choice I should be forced to make,” says Sarah Olson in the case of Lt. Ehren Watada, who refuses to deploy to Iraq.

Now the army has subpoenaed Olson and another reporter to testify at Watada’s trial.

Olson finds herself in a bind.

“Being forced to choose between my personal liberty and my integrity is not a choice I should be forced to make,” she says. “If I don’t cooperate, I will be facing a felony contempt of court charge with a penalty of up to six months in prison and/or up to a fine of $500.”

The other reporter is Gregg Kakesako of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. When I called him to discuss the case, he said, “I don’t have any comment.”

Groups that protect journalists and writers have expressed their dismay at the Pentagon’s tactic.

“If Olson and Kakesako respond to these subpoenas by testifying, they will essentially be participating in the prosecution of their source,” wrote Hannah Pakula and Larry Siems of the PEN American Center in a January 5 letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates. “Such a role compromises their objectivity and can have chilling effects on the press.”

Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, agrees.

“It’s particularly frustrating and infuriating that they’re putting journalists in this situation when it’s clearly unnecessary,” Dalglish says, noting that Watada has not denied making the statements that Olson and Kakesako reported.

Olson even broadcast a radio interview with Watada, which is still available on the Internet, she adds, so the military prosecutors “can go to the National Radio Project’s website and verify his words themselves.”
Read the rest....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Insurgent American: Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam” Speech

Dr. Martin Luther King
Image source:

Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech
January 14th, 2007 by stan

[listen] Listen here (MP3) for the speech that earned Dr. King the contempt of every major politician and newspaper in the country, though you’d never know it nowadays. When he made this connection between capitalism and colonization, he broke the taboo that had been in place ever since W. E. B. DuBois was expelled from the NAACP that he helped found, and the Black Freedom Movement was co-opted into using the language of US nationalism.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Angry Indian: Savage Love: A Distressingly Common Cuckold Kink by Dan Savage

The Angry Indian posted this piece from Dan Savage twice on his blog recently, stating that he did so because it deserves to be read. I wholeheartedly agree. And it also deserves a little comment as to Dan's response to the racist with the cuckold fetish.

While Dan rightly calls the man out for his racism, he still falls back on white male pornographers' usual justifications for sexual domination, failing to realize just why these justifications are so destructive to real men and women in the real world. My comments are interwoven with the Q & A.
Savage Love
by Dan Savage
January 9th, 2007 12:57 PM

Q: I have some concerns about my cuckold fetish that you did not address in a recent column on the subject.

I am white, and all of my cuckold fantasies involve my future wife having sex with well-endowed black men. While this turns me on a great deal, part of me feels guilty. My fantasy is horribly objectifying and racist, is it not? It requires treating another human being like a piece of meat. But the rational part of me is no match for my inner urges. I can't seem to stop fantasizing about this. In all other aspects of my life I consider myself to be quite progressive.

What can I do about my fantasy? My hope is that these urges will go away over time, but I doubt this will be the case. —Can't Understand Cuckold Kink

A: You bet your cracker ass your fantasy is racist, CUCK.

For centuries, white men have obsessed about the supposed sexual superiority of black men. Whitey fear big black dick, rampaging Mandingos, white women coming down with jungle fever and getting their chifforobes busted up, etc. These fears inspire feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and paranoia—and white men have typically compensated for these fears through acts of violence. Not for nothing was castration the first order of business at many a lynching.

But guess what? When given a choice between being lynched and being offered a white man's woman, CUCK, 10 out of 10 black men surveyed prefer the latter. That the same racist stereotypes that still inspire some white men to violence, pathetically enough, also inspire racially tinged cuckold fantasies in others has to be regarded as progress. Well, maybe not progress per se, but until we stamp out racism once and for all (let's all hold our breath, shall we?), better cuckold fantasies, acted on or not, than brutal, cold-blooded killings.

Can I get an "amen"?
No, Jackass. You will not get a fucking amen. The reason the so-called fantasy arouses is because it is based in the very real domination of black men and women by white people. It would not be possible to have this "fantasy" if the reality did not ALREADY underpin it. Storylines are headlines. In order for Cuckold to organize such a racist scenario in his imagination, he needs all of the players to come from real-world conditions. After all, he wants a real black man to fuck his wife, doesn't he? Please show us just exactly where, Danny boy, these cold-blooded brutal killings aren't happening to people of color. For whom are these sexualized storylines a fantasy and for whom is it a reality? Racist "fantasy" scenarios only reinforce racist realities, as I will show.

And our so-called imaginations are as colonized as everything else about us.

Apologists for the Rape Room Photography commonly called porn often use this same only-in-my-imagination excuse. Porn is just fantasy. My personal choice is not hurting anybody. Uh, no, sorry. Wrong again, creeps. Porn is rape. Real women with considerably restricted economic options are prostituted by the billion-dollar porn industry (run predominantly by rich white males) in the real world where a woman is raped once every six minutes. Anybody want to know the percentage of women in porn who have been sexually molested as children? It's the majority. Child rape has already broken down their boundaries, setting them up for further exploitation by pornographers.

And what are these porn-pimps selling? Domination. Domination of women configured as sex objects by men. What's the message? She wants it. They all do. She wants to be hurt, used, exploited. She wants to be raped. Go ahead. She wants it. They all do. You know you want to. Go ahead. Hurting her is not hurting anybody. She isn't anybody. The cock is everything. The cock is all that matters.

This so-called fantasy has consequences in the real world where real women are dehumanized, raped and beaten every day every minute - and one in three children will experience molestation. Pornography IS rape. Pornography IS censorship. Holistic, reciprocal sensuality - that may or may not include penetration - has been utterly silenced by the sexualization of gender and race subjugation. And fuckers the world over get off on it.

The pornographic, racist message Cuckold relies on to get an erection depends on very real world racism. There is no such thing as the mitigating escape into fantasy that Dan Savage is recommending to reduce racism and sexism by drawing off energy that might otherwise have been spent in real rape and lynching. There is no such escapist, fantasy world free of violence for those of us lower on the social hierarchy atop which white men squat. Black men experience the very real racism Cuckold wants to get off on every day. Many die from it. Many are imprisoned because of it. Pornographers sell photos of women of color raped by it every day. How exactly are they supposed to escape from this? The reality is they don't.
But doesn't enacting your fantasy require the complete objectification of a black man? Yes. And how can you reconcile that kind of racist objectification with your "progressive" values? By sucking on this: It's really super-racist of you, CUCK, to assume that black men are incapable of having the same subconscious erotic response to racist stereotypes that you did. There are tons of African American guys out there who want to play the sexually dominant black stud to your sexually humiliated white cuck old— it took me less than a minute online to find three dozen men happy to help you out. How selfish of you, CUCK, not to mention how racist of you, to obsess about your own issues—the white cuckold's burden— without giving so much as a thought to the needs of these black men. For shame.

And for the record, CUCK, there's nothing wrong with treating someone like a piece of meat—provided you treat him like a human being before and after sex.
Sorry, jackass. Wrong again. It is never ok to treat anyone like a piece of meat. Again. There is no fantasy world to where oppressed gender and race classes can escape from being treated like meat. It's real. It's everywhere. It's never ok.
Some people actually enjoy being treated like pieces of meat, and as long as the men you play with consent to being treated like meat, there's nothing improper about it.
There is no such thing as consent to being raped. Raped is raped. And what is consent in a world where so many of the choices for the exploited classes are so narrowed?
Consent is, as I've written before, always and everywhere the magic ingredient. It makes BDSM not actual violence; it makes a facial not actual degradation; it makes a realized rape fantasy not actual rape.
Nope. Once more. Wrong again, whiteboy. A rape "fantasy" depends on the real world conditions that make the domination of women "sexy." Radical feminists call this the "eroticization of rape." It's done to ease the guilty conscience of the rapist. It never eases the pain of the raped. So called fantasies about prison rape also rely on the reality of Abu Ghraib conditions in Amerikan prisons. So called fantasizing may ease the masturbators' anxiety, but it does nothing to ease the reality of abject sexual trauma in US prisons. Rape fantasies may ease the guilty conscience of white male rapists buying Hustler and Playboy, but it does nothing to ease the fear, the exploitation, the reduced choices, and the trauma of real women facing a one in four chance of rape in the real world in her lifetime.

These kinds of so-called fantasies are about as harmless to a woman's psyche as playing Cowboys and Indians is to First Nations peoples. If "playing" rape is cool, then so is "playing" lynching and nazi gas-chamber. How many Jewish people do you know who would be ok with a pornographic, SS-costumed film shoot in a cattle car?
In your case, CUCK, the joyful consent of all involved—including your future wife (good luck with that)—makes the expression of your racist fantasy not an actual expression of racial animus.
Yes, it is an actual expression of racist animus, Dan. The man is imagining scenarios white klansmen have and still do make a reality for him to jack off to. Afterall, this man is not going to go out and change a racist world that gets his dick hard, now is he? Refusing to take action, escaping into a fantasy world rather than changing real world conditions, IS an action. Comforting racist and sexist images help keep this degrading world the way it is. Because at the very least they cause white men to do nothing. At the very most, they actually enable them to commit rape and genocide by further objectifying and dehumanizing already-subjugated women and men.
To sum up, CUCK: As long as you understand the cultural forces that shaped your fantasy, as long as you don't assume that all black men wanna bust up your wife's chifforobe, and as long as you treat any black man who does want a crack at her chifforobe like a human being—and what the hell, as long as you vote Democratic and donate $100 to the United Negro College Fund for every inch of black cock that gets slipped into your future wife—there's nothing unethical about realizing your particular fantasy.

(You want an example of a highly unethical and distressingly common cuckold fantasy? Check this out: "Dom male seeking a true cuckold couple," reads this personal ad. "He will watch me use her and please her. He will do cleanup duties after. I am also interested if she is fertile and wants to be bred in front of hubby. If bred, I will continue to use her throughout pregnancy. The cuck as sumes all responsibility toward the child." Where do I start? A child simply cannot possibly consent—in advance of conception!—to taking part in a lifelong role-play scenario. Cucks, bucks, bulls, and hot wives? I've got your backs—all your sweaty backs. Cuckold fantasies are fine; realizing them is finer. But leave conception and kids out of it. Christ!)
Again. What is consent in a world where rape and genocide greatly limit the choices of Black men and all women?

Yo, Dan! How bout we prioritize something other than rubbing our genitals to get off, and start using the energy spent spurting cum at mental and actual images of rape to instead effectively confront racism and sexism. Our personal choices DO have consequences for all of society. And our personal choices aren't really all that personal anyway. They are constructed by the same racist and phallocentric forces that construct everything else about us.

Especially our options.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Surge Protest Denver

Is the end of the active duty time limit the last Stop-Loss before the draft?

Pentagon abandons active-duty time limit
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has abandoned its limit on the time a citizen-soldier can be required to serve on active duty, officials said Thursday, a major change that reflects an Army stretched thin by longer-than-expected combat in Iraq.
Read the rest...

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Anti-War Movement's Single Largest Failure

“The single largest failure of the anti-war movement at this point is the lack of outreach to the troops.” Tim Goodrich, Iraq Veterans Against The War

GI Special 5A9: Support Troops Resisting The War
January 10, 2007
Thomas F. Barton
GI Special:


“Show Our Troops Support In Their Resistance Against The War”

“As A Navy Veteran And Member Of Iraq Veterans Against The War, I Cannot Stress Enough How Important It Is”

1.7.07 By Fabian Bouthillette, Iraq Veterans Against The War & Military Project

On Saturday, January 6 the Military Project conducted outreach to National Guard and Reserve troops attending drill at an Uptown Manhattan armory.

This was the first such outreach that I have attended since joining the group 3 months ago. I was impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the outreach.

Over 100 packets of literature were handed out to soldiers as they arrived at the armory for drill early in the morning. Included in a packet was information on joining Iraq Veterans Against the War, the Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq, A Petition for Redress of Grievances concerning National Guard and Reserve soldiers suffering decreases in income when recalled, and a copy of Traveling Soldier.

A few soldiers outright refused to take our literature, which was also offered with home-baked cookies. Other soldiers politely gave us back the handouts after reading the top pages.

But most soldiers gladly took our literature for review. It’s difficult to immediately gauge the effectiveness of our outreach, but I think it is fair to say that many, if not most, of the soldiers at that armory were more than interested in what we had given them.

One soldier saw the words “Fight Back” on the cover of the Iraq Veterans Against the War pamphlet and said to me that he was sick of fighting.

I told him that he needed to keep reading. He did, and nodded in approval as he kept walking towards the armory. Another soldier, an officer, was not willing to completely speak his mind as he was in uniform, but he made it clear that he approved of what The Military Project was handing out.

As a Navy veteran and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, I cannot stress enough how important it is to show our troops support in their resistance against the war.

There are a myriad of problems that veterans have to deal with because of this war.

Those problems need to be addressed, but I truly feel that our first priority should be to end this war immediately.

The sooner this war ends, the less veterans there will be that will need help with PTSD, depleted uranium poisoning, and the hundreds of other problems occurring because of this war.

But first, we need to end the war.

Outreach of the sort conducted by The Military Project on the morning of January 6 is vital to bringing this war to an end NOW.

This outreach is simple, effective, and promotes solidarity between troops and civilians who are opposed to this immoral and illegal war.


“The single largest failure of the anti-war movement at this point is the lack of outreach to the troops.” Tim Goodrich, Iraq Veterans Against The War

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bitter White Whine: Crybaby Capitalists Boo Hoo Over Chavez Socialism

Awww, poor babies. Guess the greedy Anglos won't be capitalizing on other people's resources in Venezuela anytime soon. Look for more and more of this kind of good news as the imperial beast continues to be bled dry in Iraq.

Chavez Urged by U.S. to Compensate American Companies
By Brendan Murray

Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) -- The Bush administration urged Venezuela to compensate U.S. companies that would be affected by President Hugo Chavez's plan to transfer the country's utilities to state ownership, a White House spokesman said.

Chavez said yesterday he plans to nationalize the country's largest phone company and utilities, gain greater control over the oil industry and seek authority to make laws by executive order. His comments sent Venezuelan stocks and bonds tumbling.

The U.S. has ``seen the results of nationalization in other places, and in general these types of actions do not produce economic benefits as expected,'' White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said. ``If any U.S. companies are affected, we expect them to be promptly and fairly compensated.''

Exxon Mobil Corp., ConocoPhillips, Chevron Corp. and Total SA may lose their shares in the four heavy oil ventures if Chavez's plan is approved by Venezuela's congress. New York- based Verizon Communications Inc. has a stake in the country's telephone network.
Read the rest...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Shareef Aleem Will Not Be Jailed For Tookie Williams T Shirt

Shareef Aleem, Aurora, yells out while being arrested for disrupting a CU board of regents special session on Thursday, February 3, 2005. Aleem was asking for public comments to be made during the meeting held at the Fitzimmons Medical campus on February 3, 2005, to discuss publicized comments made by ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill. LINK.

Activist wins appeal, avoids jail
By The Associated Press
Article Last Updated: 01/08/2007 12:41:18 PM MST

The Colorado Supreme Court today overturned a 45-day jail sentence for a man who appeared in court wearing a T-shirt depicting the executed co-founder of the Crips gang, saying the judge didn't follow the right procedure.

Shareef Aleem was sentenced to jail after a judge found him in contempt of court for his behavior during his trial on a charge of assaulting a police officer. Aleem had refused the judge's order to remove the shirt and was also accused of leading chants in the courtroom and showing up late for a hearing.

The shirt said "Redemption" and showed a picture of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a Crips co-founder who had been convicted of murder and was executed in California shortly before Aleem's trial.

Aleem told the trial judge the shirt had political and religious significance. During his last year on California's Death Row, Williams renounced gang violence and wrote several children's books warning of the dangers of gangs.

The Supreme Court said Adams County District Judge Katherine Delgado had the authority to order Aleem to remove the shirt because of her duty to keep order in the courtroom. But the justices said she failed to warn Aleem before holding him in contempt and had treated him inconsistently, first ordering him to remove the shirt and later permitting him to wear it in front of the jury.

The justices said wearing a shirt bearing a political message in a courtroom is not protected under the First Amendment.


Wasase.Org: What Are Warrior Societies?

In part three of highlights from The New Socialist's special issue on Indigenous Resurgence, Lana Lowe and Taiaiake Alfred, in an essay titled "What Are Warrior Societies?" explain the nature and history of First Nations self defense. Here is an excerpt from the Defending Indigenous Communities section:
The warrior society strategy gains credence among indigenous people during a crisis situation because there is a deeprooted fear among all indigenous people that the Canadian government is seeking to annihilate their existence. Most indigenous people favour peaceful and non-confrontational methods of advancing their political agenda and of advancing the cause of justice. But at the same time, all indigenous people have direct experience with or second-generation memory of the genocidal intent and capacity of the Canadian state. All have direct experience with the virulent forms of racism that still exist in most rural parts of Canada. Indigenous people understand well how ordinary Canadians turn hostile and violent when indigenous peoples’ demands for recognition of their land rights or political rights threatens white society’s economic privilege on the land.

So, in a crisis situation, facing armed paramilitary force and the hostility of white society as a whole, in the context of impending violence capable of eliminating the very existence of their communities, the raw realities of the colonial relationship between indigenous peoples and the state are laid bare. In these situations, the warrior societies’ analysis of Canadian society is proven correct. The legitimacy of the warrior society agenda and approach flows from this dynamic. People do recognize in very pragmatic terms the necessity of defending the community in physical terms from outside aggression. The warrior societies provide a measure of national defence.

There is broad support among indigenous people everywhere for action, even militant action, against the continuing unjust process by which they are being dispossessed of their territories. The disagreement among indigenous peoples is about their capacity to effectively confront state authorities and to sustain a politic of contention, and whether or not the costs (violence, further deprivation, hostility of society, etc.) are worth the gains to be made in confronting the injustices facing indigenous communities. Thus, there is no need for a screening or filtering process whereby warrior societies would judge the merit of various conflicts and decide which ones are suitable engagements.

Engagement does not need to be rationalized. The operating assumption is that all indigenous communities are facing an injustice that needs to be confronted; the main factor influencing whether a warrior society is involved in a conflict is simply the existence of a conflict in a community where there is a warrior society with the capacity to respond. Simply put, warrior societies will become involved in conflicts between their nation and outside forces if the people call for their help, and if they possess the capacity to respond.

In this sense, indigenous people, through warrior societies, are acting on their basic right and responsibility to protect and defend their lands, their communities and their persons from unprovoked outside aggression.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Why They Hate Us: Iraqi Girl Tells of Amerikan Murder of Her Family

Iraqi Girl tells of US Attack in Haditha
Ten-year-old Iman Walid witnessed the killing of seven members of her family in an attack by American marines last November. The interview with Iman was filmed exclusively for ITV News by Ali Hamdani,our Iraqi video diarist.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Suggestion From a Reader Regarding Wasase

A kind reader left the comment below in the latest post in the Wasase.Org series. I inserted a link to Dirk's website recommendation:
Good to see 'Wasase' is getting some exposure.I would suggest reading the book Wasase

is an awesome read,and speaks to all not just indigenous peoples.
It gives me hope,and I see things in a new light and way thanks to Wasase.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wasáse.Org: Nuu-chah-nulth Struggles Against Sexual Violence

In yesterday's post, "Indigenist Feminism Without Apology," Andrea Smith related that:
Prior to colonization, Native communities were not structured on the basis of hierarchy, oppression or patriarchy. We will not recreate these communities as they existed prior to colonization. Our understanding that a society without structures of oppression was possible in the past tells us that our current political and economic system is anything but natural and inevitable. If we lived differently before, we can live differently in the future.
Today's excerpt from the New Socialist issue on Indigenous Resurgence is the article Nuu-chah-nulth Struggles Against Sexual Violence:
Among other teachings, we learned that the primary responsibility of a Wiiuk [warrior] was to ensure the safety of the home and to protect the most vulnerable in our communities from any threat, wherever it may come from. Unfortunately, issues such as suicide and domestic violence top the list of actual threats in our communities. This tends to contrast with the more “sexy” or “glorious” issues of resource access or land protection, but we realized that we couldn’t legitimately call ourselves warriors if our homes are in such a deplorable state.

So essentially the men in the warrior movement backed up and the women stepped forward, and we began to dialogue. It’s important to note, however, that we didn’t “allow” the women to step forward, but for the most part just shut up and vacated some space. It’s a constant struggle not to revert back to paternalistic or chauvinistic positions, but instead be quiet and listen and engage equally. The previous incarnation of the warrior movement mostly excluded or downplayed the roles of women. In retrospect, it’s not hard to see why previous initiatives ultimately failed to leave any kind of lasting legacy.
Now. Compare that wisdom regarding responsibilities to this comment left by a biological determinist, whiteboy troll attempting to naturalize and universalize violence in the post Again and Again Empires Fall."
You couldn't be more right. And history repeats... forgetting lessons so many times learned.

The human condition seems drawn to corruption. The acquisition of power inevitably feeds the desire for more. Why? Why would a desire with such disastrous consequences seem so common?

It may be an ancient memory. As pithecene tribes became Homo habilus became H. erectus... power and resources meant the ability to procreate more efficiently and further afield. This was absolutely necessary for reducing genetic homogeneity (inbreeding) and increasing the probability of a beneficial mutation.

Our oldest instincts have stayed with us because they were once very necessary, and are extremely powerful. Has this forgotten memory, now firmly astride vast global resources, turned scattered hominid tribes into rampant pillagers and destroyers? Can humans overcome this desire, strong as that of eating and procreating? Would womyn be more successful at resisting than men?

Case: what happened to Arafat's revolution? and Castro? And then, what happened to Condoleeza Rice and Madeline Albright? Did they all succumb, or were they always that way, yet kept it hidden? Exceptions abound for both genders and non-genders and in between.

Will Chavez follow through, or acquiesce? Is the nation-state viable?
Procreate further afield thanks to power and resources? He means women having power and resources that allow them to go find men who will impregnate them, right?

Yeah, right. Jesus. The way some white men will euphemize rape in order to avoid calling it rape.

No, of course the nation-state is not viable, and while there are exceptions for female violence, OVERWHELMINGLY on this continent, the violence has been white men against women - especially women of colour. White women (Libby Custer comes immediately to mind) who act as non-confrontational bystanders to this violence in order to further their own privilege only enable the degradation and dispossession of women of colour, and ultimately, themselves.

Huh? Did that troll just say "non-genders"? Pray tell, what the hell is that? How could anyone in this death culture of whitemale subjugation and exploitation escape the overwhelming pressure to perform gender correctly?

To the point - narcissistic Euro-settler men and women both should take a much needed lesson from the Wasase article above and just shutup and vacate some space already. We are not the center of the universe, and it's long past time we recognized that reality. Some might even call this cognitive process "growing up."

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Addition to the Blogroll: Wasáse.Org

The latest edition of The New Socialist highlights Indigenous Resurgence. As there are several outstanding articles in this magazine, it seemed most appropriate to post one a day for the next few days. Some of the topics covered are indigenous feminism, the true nature of warrior societies, AIM, Red Power, and land-based resistance, white-minded thinking, physical resistance to violent settlers at Six Nations, struggles against sexual violence, indigenous soldiers serving in Iraq, and the essence of remaining ungovernable.

All the articles can be found at

Hat tip to BrownFemiPower for the link.

First up: Indigenous Feminism Without Apology by Andrea Smith
We often hear the mantra in indigenous communities that Native women aren’t feminists. Supposedly, feminism is not needed because Native women were treated with respect prior to colonization. Thus, any Native woman who calls herself a feminist is often condemned as being “white.”

However, when I started interviewing Native women organizers as part of a research project, I was surprised by how many community-based activists were describing themselves as “feminists without apology.” They were arguing that feminism is actually an indigenous concept that has been co-opted by white women.

The fact that Native societies were egalitarian 500 years ago is not stopping women from being hit or abused now. For instance, in my years of anti-violence organizing, I would hear, “We can’t worry about domestic violence; we must worry about survival issues first.” But since Native women are the women most likely to be killed by domestic violence, they are clearly not surviving. So when we talk about survival of our nations, who are we including?

These Native feminists are challenging not only patriarchy within Native communities, but also white supremacy and colonialism within mainstream white feminism. That is, they’re challenging why it is that white women get to define what feminism is.

Read the rest...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

RIP Darrent Williams

Darrent Williams joined the Broncos as a second-round pick in the 2005 NFL draft out of Oklahoma State. (Post / RJ Sangosti)
Related Articles

One of the things that impressed me most about Denver Broncos player Darrent Williams was that he was only 5'8''. Do you know how determined, how relentless, and how talented you would have to be to play in the NFL at only five feet eight inches? Hell, I'm taller than that, but this man never let strong men who towered over him intimidate him away from his dreams.

Big lesson in that. Rest in Peace, Mr. Williams.

Services set for Darrent Williams
By Mike Klis
Denver Post Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 01/02/2007 02:52:16 PM MST

* Jan 2:
* Shooting theories abound
* Shanahan pledges support
* Family reeling from shooting
* Darrent Williams' bio
* "Incomprehensible"
* Williams' last hours
* NFL offers Broncos assistance
* Mom recalls son who stood tall in life
* Williams overcame tough background
* Life even more fleeting than fame
* Hodge still has no answers from incident
* City, team, kin reel from brutal killing

Funeral arrangements have been set for Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams.

Currently resting at the Pitkin Mortuary in Denver, the body will be transported to Forth Worth on Wednesday.

Broncos players, coaches, staff and his immediate family will hold a private memorial service for Williams Wednesday at the team's Dove Valley headquarters.

There will also be a memorial service for Williams in Forth Worth between 6-8 p.m. Friday at the Great Commission Baptist Church, 7700 McCart Ave., Fort Worth. His funeral service will be held at noon Saturday at the same church, which has an approximate seating capacity of 2,300.

The funeral service will be open to the public.


Heads Up, Bloggers. Shield Laws Are Supposed to Protect You, Too.

This is one issue to which every blogger in this country should pay attention. If authentic reporters like ourselves do not already have sources we need to protect, we will.

If we are doing our jobs right, that is.

Shield Law Controversy Entering A New Year
(December 26, 2006) – It looks like 2007 will begin with journalists in many states facing the same legal threats from aggressive courts and zealous prosecutors who want them to reveal their confidential sources as they’ve faced in recent years, as the creation of a federal shield law to protect journalists and their sources seems no closer now than before.

For San Francisco freelance journalist Josh Wolf, 24, Christmas Day was his 126th day behind bars for refusing to testify before a grand jury and turn over video he shot in 2005 of protesters clashing with San Francisco police. If he stays in the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, CA, through February 6, 2007, he will have earned the dubious honor of having spent more days in jail than any other journalist in recent American history, including Judith Miller.

Also in the Bay Area, two Chronicle reporters are facing jail for refusing to reveal their source of secret grand jury testimony in the BALCO steroids investigation. In a Christmas weekend Editorial, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that in a show of solidarity 25 states’ attorneys general are challenging the federal government’s attempt to force Chronicle reporters Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada to reveal the sources. In early December the 25 states’ top lawyers filed a brief supporting the two reporters, saying that the issue a matter of states rights, not federal, and that the 32 states with journalist shield laws (including California) protect journalists from being forced to reveal sources, and that in 19 states (including California) the privilege “is absolute.”

The attorneys general also say that the Chronicle’s case is not about whether California can use the claim of federal jurisdiction to imprison two reporters, but that is about whether the federal government can disregard “constitutionally sound laws” in the 50 states.

Wolf has been in prison since August 1 for refusing to turn over outtakes of video that he shot during a San Francisco protest rally that turned violent in 2005. A police officer was injured and someone tried to burn a police vehicle. The incidents were regarded as federal crimes because the San Francisco Police Department receives federal funding, and prosecutors are using this fact to try to circumvent Wolf’s protection under the state law and pursue his video in federal courts.

Since his jailing, the National Press Photographers Association and other organizations that protect press freedoms have supported Wolf and continually call for his release. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press said this week that they would support Wolf until he is free. “We’re very disappointed that efforts to free Josh have been unsuccessful,” said Lucy A. Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.
Read the rest...


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Imperial Capitalist George Lucas Leads Stormtroopers in the Empire's Rose Bowl Parade

Ugly Amerikans just never quit, do they?

Go ahead and parade yourself, Georgie, like that dirty, little secret isn't still out there. Thanks to You Tube, we are all empowered to NEVER let you forget "The Star Wars Holiday Special."

You will never live it down.

Below: Star Wars director George Lucas, standing middle, behind banner, joins members of the 501st Legion, a group of Star Wars fans from around the world dressed in full costume, during a rehearsal for the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade, in Pasadena, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 31, 2006. Lucas is the Grand Master of the 118th Rose Parade will be held on New Years day in Pasadena. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)