Friday, May 04, 2007

Ecoterrorism: 100 Companies and the US Government Dump 40 Percent of Toxic Waste

The cleanup for Superfund sites is grossly underfunded and progressing at a snail's pace. According to the Center for Public Integrity's report Wasting Away, Superfund's Toxic Legacy - "One out of three Americans lives within 10 miles of a Superfund site."

Their website includes a database searchable by company, agency, and state. As you read this report, recall that the cancer rate is also one in three.

EPA Document Lists Firms Tied to Superfund Sites
100 companies — and federal agencies — are connected to 40 percent of the worst toxic waste dumps

By Alex Knott
Data analysis by Richard Mullins

WASHINGTON, April 26, 2007 — About 100 companies and the federal government are connected to more than 40 percent of America's most dangerously contaminated toxic waste sites, according to an analysis of a controversial and confidential government document obtained by the Center for Public Integrity. Companies connected

The Center used Environmental Protection Agency databases to find ties to about 700 of Superfund's 1,623 sites.

Nearly one out of three Americans lives within 10 miles of one of these 700 toxic sites, according to U.S. Census data of the 2000 population analyzed by the Center.
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