Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Run Kyle Run

Ha! This oughta really have Fire Witch Rising's official whiteboy troll - Little Billy - foaming at the mouth!

(See also the post Run Lance Hering Run for more AWOL GI moxie.)

U.S. soldier who fled to Canada goes AWOL again

Associated Press

LOUISVILLE, KY. — A U.S. Army soldier who fled to Canada rather than return to Iraq has disappeared again, this time just a day after surrendering to the military.

Private Kyle Snyder, 23, of Colorado Springs, Colo., told The Associated Press he was supposed to return by bus to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., from Louisville on Tuesday but didn't go. He said he went AWOL after Fort Knox officials told him he would be sent back to his unit, the 94th Engineer Battalion.

Pvt. Snyder returned to the United States on Saturday, after his lawyer said he had reached a deal to receive an other-than-honourable discharge. Being sent back to his unit wasn't part of the deal, according to attorney James Fennerty.

“I came back in good faith,” Pvt. Snyder said Wednesday by phone. “I put my trust in them one more time. Why should I put my trust in them again when I can just go back to Canada?”

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