Monday, November 13, 2006

Colorado AIM: Thanks-taking Holiday Right Around the Corner

Thanks-taking Holiday Right Around the Corner
NOTE: In the indigenous world, we often refer to the U.S./Canadian holiday of "Thanksgiving Day" as "Thanks-taking Day," that is, the invader-state holiday where the dominating culture gives thanks for taking and colonizing our homeland -- and its thanks takes the form of unbribled gluttony, consumption, and self-righteousness. We post the insightful article below as an honor to our Wampanoag relatives (and other East Coast Native nations) who have resisted the invasion longer than most of us can even imagine. In addition to the article below, for those who would like a more accurate version of the Thanksgiving fallacy, we refer you to Charles Mann's book, "1491." especially Chapter Two, "Why Billington Survived." There, you will see the Plymouth colonizers for the avaricious, diseased, grave-robbing thieves that they were. -- Colorado AIM
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