Thursday, November 02, 2006

Check Out This People of Color and Woman Centered Blog: The Primary Contradiction

I am adding this outstanding woman/people of color centered website to Fire Witch Rising's blogroll and recommending that everyone visit The Primary Contradiction regularly. The editor, Yolanda Carrington, is a co-contributor to The Feral Scholar, and recently has given her own website a whole new look. In her words, the purpose of her site:
What I want TPC to be is a safe space for women of color on the Internet to engage politically with gender---gender as a system of power. Increasingly I'm seeing that for women of color, gender cannot be separated from white supremacy---another system of dominant power and perhaps the most pervasive system globally next to gender. Everyday, in all areas of society, WOC have to face white male supremacy. I don't want this blog to be yet another place where they have to deal with this scourge on humanity. But if I don't work diligently to prevent white male power dynamics from hijacking TPC's discourse, they will. That is just the way the English-speaking world works.
Check it out, ya'll!



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