Thursday, October 05, 2006

Marine Corporal Lance Hering and Friend Steve Powers: Straight Up Heroes

Update 11.20.08: White Power Gang Recaptures Lance Hering

Update 12.20.08 Freedom! Lance Hering Released By His Marine Captors

Well done, Steve Powers, well done. There is no doubt in my mind that you have saved Lance Herring's life.

And as for the media scumbags (and loser trolls like little bully Little Billy) trying to vilify your brave actions, what else can I say but "Don't let the bastards grind you down!"

Powers opens up
Hering desperate to avoid return

By Christine Reid, Camera Staff Writer
October 5, 2006

Boulder Marine Lance Hering went missing because he feared for his life — not at the hands of the enemy in Iraq but from men in his own unit who committed an unspeakable atrocity there, says the friend who helped him disappear.

Steve Powers, who helped Hering stage a climbing accident Aug. 29 that sparked a massive five-day manhunt, spoke publicly about the hoax Wednesday for the first time, telling the Daily Camera why his best friend thought it was his only way out.

"He thought if he would have gone back to Camp Pendleton they would have killed him," said Powers, 20. "He was terrified."

Hering, 21, is a lance corporal in the Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment based in California — the same unit that currently has eight soldiers charged with conspiracy, kidnapping and murder of an Iraqi civilian April 26 in Hamdania, Iraq.

The seven Marines and one Navy corpsman are currently jailed on charges of taking Hashim Ibrahim Awad, 52, from his home, binding his hands and feet, placing him into a hole, shooting him repeatedly and then staging the scene to make it appear he was an insurgent planting a roadside bomb.

Another soldier from Hering's unit is accused of assaulting three Iraqis and then lying about it.

Hering has not told a soul what he saw, Powers said, not even him, because Hering feared that then Powers' life, too, would be in danger.

But the reason didn't really matter, Powers said. He believed the friend he met at Fairview High School — the guy he spent countless hours with playing chess and climbing mountains and buildings — was in real danger, and he was determined to help.

Even if it meant trashing his reputation and earning the dubious distinction of becoming a convicted felon.

"To me, I was saving his life," Powers said. "Absolutely, I'd do it again."
Read the rest....

For previous posts that include my rebuttals to troll Little Billy's ugly accusations of cowardice on the part of Corporal Herring, please click this link:

Corporal Lance Hering and Lt. Ehren Watada IV

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullcrap! Mr. Hering -- you risked the lives of searchers who spent several days on the side of the steep, dangerous hillsides looking for your sorry behind. There are ways to report misconduct in the military and instead you chose to run off with your girlfriend. Shame on you!

4/19/2008 11:26 AM  
Blogger Fire Witch said...

I've said it before, I will say it again - boo-frippin hoo. Oh,poor baby! Were those scary mountains to steep for you? Gosh, rocky hillsides! Oh, please. Grow a pair of gonads and woman-up, fool. The inconvenience of a search-and-rescue stint is nothing compared to being trapped in the gang life that is the US military. Or life as a homeless person, or a battered woman, or an Iraqi entombed in Abu Ghraib. Really, lets get some perspective here. And a grip!

Lance Hering bravely chose not to return to the white power race war against the Iraqis. He deserves respect, not whining, Anonymous.

And what's your source for the lie that he ran off with his girlfriend? The National Enquirer?

4/19/2008 2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy...I just found this PATHETIC blog site. What a cacophany of crap. Just another acid brain fried hippie hallucitation. You have NO IDEA what you are even talking about. These two guys are both liars and criminals...BEFORE Lance "JOINED" the Marines. There was NOTHING for Hering to report because he saw NOTHING and had nothing to fear. He saw the, (yes ridulous) press, lying, trying, convicting and hanging those Marines in the news...and USED that opportunity to create further lies. He was no where near that incident in Hamdania where the INSURGENT(not innocent civilian)was killed. He deserted...that is all there is to that. And the Marines have been quite lenient as of this writing. So, your assessment of them is also another one of your hallucinations. Oh sorry, have you been a Marine? Guess that should be revealed to determine how much you know about them. How do you (fire witch) conclude that they deserve "respect?" You ARE as PATHETIC as they are! I'd say YOU need to get a grip...a real big grip.

12/08/2008 12:22 AM  
Blogger Fire Witch said...

Little Billy, you're back!

Haven't seen you around these Hering posts for about two years.

Took you that long to get over the ass kickin' I gave you last time, aye?

The Marines are a white supremacist gang notorious for waging race war against innocent people of color and stealing their land and resources.

My, my - 12:22am. Aren't you up rather late? Wazza matter, precious. Can't sleep? Your addiction to whining keeping you up at night, or what?

Or is it your wife's knitting needles click, click, clicking away ceaselessly with all that sublimated rage and sexual frustration that's waking you?

Worried she's gonna stab you one night with 'em?

Right there?

12/09/2008 7:07 PM  

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