Sunday, September 10, 2006

Search And Rescue Volunteer Whines About Lance Herring's Daring Escape

The comment below by Little_Billy was left in response to my post Run Lance Herring Run, about the Marine whose good conscience has led him to abandon the illegal war in Iraq. It was too indictive of the over-pampered mentality of so many in this country not to front page it.
Lance Herring is a coward. Not for refusing illegal orders to deploy to an illegal war, but for his responsibility; for risking the health and safety of rescue workers, most of whom were volunteers, who searched in dangerours (often extremely dangerous) terrain for over a week for this liar. I was one of them, and those people were working very, very hard. If he wanted to disappear, he should have just disappeared; or, he should do what the brave and true soldier Lt. Aaron Watada is doing, bringing this illegal war to trial by facing a court martial himself (
The Fire Witch's patient, measured reply:
Boo-Frippin Hoo, Lil Billy.

I realize that you have worked very hard in your search and rescue gig, but nowhere near as hard as Hizbullah, Palestinians, and Iraqis work EVERY DAY just to survive.

You will go home to a warm, safe bed, hot meal and lots of lovin' praise from the media. You may even get a medal and then a lick on the face from a SAR dog.

But dude. Your life ain't nowhere near the hell of survival that is life for the victims of US imperialism. Afterall, you don't have to sleep in a car through the middle of a South Dakota winter like many dispossessed Lakota people. Neither will you likely have to go "home" to a domestic violence shelter because your partner is trying to kill you.

So let's get a grip here on the whining, shall we?

You've been INCONVIENENCED for a week by a young man suffering severe psychological trauma from his horrific experiences in Iraq. He may even be sick with Depleted Uranium poisoning.

And gee, I am just so sorry that not every soldier is going to be like the neat and orderly Watada who turn themselves into the very authorities trying to get them killed in a RACE WAR. Some of them may even have to resort to fragging like the GI resistance movement in Vietnam did.

Dig a little deeper there, SAR boy, and quit yer childish griping. A week-long jaunt in the woods really is not that tough in the grand scheme of things. Afterall, you are likely a volunteer for whom the word "volunteer" actually means you can quit anytime.

Mr. Herring does not have that luxury in the so-called all volunteer military of our so-called "free" country.
There is no disputing that Lt. Watada is a brave man. But so is Lance Herring. Every GI who resists has to find her or his own way of refusing to participate in genocide. To shut down this war, we will need every kind of tactic there is. Calling Lance Herring a coward because his way is not Lt. Watada's way reveals a narrow minded, narcissistic bigotry that ultimately helps neither man resist the US military's grotesque depradations.

**For more debate between the Fire Witch and Little Billy see the following post: Corporal Lance Hering and Lt. Ehren Watada

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Blogger little_billy said...

No... it doesn't. Please read my original rebuttal on "Run Lance Herring Run." to Fire Witch's rebuttal, and decide for yourself on my narcissim or narrow-mindedness. Bottom line, this is cowardice: faking your own death so that your family and Marine Corps buddies won't think you actually DID go AWOL, but that you're dead, is easier than facing the fact that you need to go AWOL. You'd rather them grieve inconsolably. Meanwhile, you don't care if people who care about you fall off cliffs, get bitten by rattle snakes or attacked by mountain lions looking for your lying ass.

9/11/2006 1:25 PM  
Blogger little_billy said...

I'm starting to wonder: can you even define "bigotry," you sling it so often that it loses its meaning. How is comparing the facing of Court Martial for your belief in the Constitution to faking your own death so you won't have to be branded AWOL bigotry, again?

9/11/2006 1:28 PM  
Blogger Fire Witch said...

Ooooo, spooky-scary rattlesnakes.

Gosh, evil-wicked mean mountain lions!

And tigers and bears, oh my.

Really scary stuff, there SAR boy.

Oh muh gawd! Watch out for that STEEP CLIFF!!!

Yeah, really tough stuff yer facing there, hon.

You know, like, compared to Israeli bombs and depleted uranium and refugee camps n Abu Ghraib n such.

Jeesh. Frickin' crybaby.

9/11/2006 10:32 PM  
Blogger little_billy said...

Wow. Name-calling and hyperbole. That's some just gets the chuckles rolling right out doesn't it! You must be at least 21!
Let me try: Here's an idea. You've never faced any of those dangers in life in any shape or form! You know, I guess you're right. Since Israel is a terrorist state (jokes aside, it is), the US uses DU munitions and Abu Ghraib is a total mess (both also true)... fuck all those people that get hurt and killed in other ways! We can't let this death be overshadowed by some other death... unless it can somehow be avoided by, I dunno, maybe going AWOL on your own, without trying to fake your death to save your dignity.

By the way... Lance could very well have been murdered by this Powers kid. Seems Lance's family doesn't trust him at all.

9/15/2006 7:58 PM  
Blogger little_billy said...

PS - I wasn't talking about me at all... yet again you assume, though I've said as much... maybe you just project your shit onto others you spite, I dunno. I don't have an emotional tie to the guy. I didn't know him. My unit that I searched was actually during the day and on relatively mellow terrain. I had it easy... unlike others who are related to him or served with him. No, what I have is called empathy Firewitch.... which I know you have too... but maybe it's not as strong for those who you deem are too privileged to deserve it.

9/15/2006 8:02 PM  
Blogger Fire Witch said...

October 4, 2007:

Hi Charlie!

Gosh. You'd think you were mad at me about something. That sure is an awful lot of pouty emotion yer pushing in all these posts.

Gee, "Little Billy." For a complete stranger supposedly new to this blog, you sure are coming on strong. But then again, you always did.

Guess what?

You have the most remarkable grammar and punctuation signatures, and you've left them all over the web for comparison.

See of course:

Also, no one else I know has the motivation to come here and just whine and whine like you do.

10/04/2007 7:58 PM  

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