Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let's Talk About Sex. And Condoms That Fit

Yes, size matters!! Just ask

But whatever you do, don't leave the size form you're going to fax to on the printer at work!

Outstanding, essential, and informative writing like the kind below means the Fire Witch is rapidly becoming a huge fan of Kirsten Anderberg. Check out the Vulva Museum link on her web page, especially the Irish sheela-na-gigs (like the one pictured above).

Now that's uppity!

Size Matters When We’re Talking About Condoms
author: kirsten anderberg e-mail:e-mail:

Different condoms work better for different people's needs, sexual styles, and preferences. And even *technique* must be explored, alone, prior to penetration with partners. I am asking men to *practice* condom use, alone, before using condoms with partners. I am saying that responsible males *will* spend some time trying different brands, sizes, and techniques for putting them on, keeping them on without losing fluids, and even graceful removal.

Size Matters When We're Talking About Condoms
By Kirsten Anderberg (
(Written on Sept. 27, 2006)

I am sick and tired of hearing stories from my straight/bi women and gay male friends about men's failures with condoms. Let me say this very clearly right now:

Any man who does not know how to *use* condoms properly, not just buy them at a store, is not taking proper responsibility for his own penis and sperm.

And any man who is not taking responsibility for his own penis and sperm is not capable of respecting a lover, plain and simple. I do not care what other factors are involved. Respecting your lover, in this day and age, *must* include proper education and experience with responsible condom use.

After being properly respected by a sex education activist turned lover, I have ever since been repulsed when a man tries to be sexual with me without proper protection. At this point, I actually suggest you ask these questions of your next male lover, in the flirting stage, before you get anywhere near having sex with him:

1) How long have you been wearing condoms?
2) What brand and size do you prefer and how long have you used that brand?
3) Have you ever lost a condom inside someone or had a condom break? What did you do in that situation? How did you support your partner in that?
4) How do you make sure the condom stays on during penetration and how do you ensure no fluids get out the base of the condom as you wear it?
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