Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Big Mother is Broadcasting: White Girl Katie Couric Takes Her Racist Dog and Pony Show Prime Time

Katie Couric's Big Day
Couric’s promotion is just the latest effort to transform the nightly news into a 30 minute hodge-podge of business-friendly claptrap. Her job is to obscure the ghastly effects of American foreign policy while her corporate-backers pitch their behemoth, coal-burning SUVs during intermissions. We can expect to see the same fear-inducing images of swarthy Middle Eastern-looking males on Katie’s half-hour, but tempered with the motherly assurance that "all is well" because big brother is still looking after us.

Couric’s main task is to soften the blow whenever an errant American bomb incinerates another 50 or so Iraqis or when some socialist reformer in Latin America gets bumped off by the CIA. That’s when she’ll peer Diane Sawyer-like into the camera lens and nod sympathetically, a favorite tactic of TV newsmen everywhere.

Face it; her job is not that different from Bush’s. She’s just another poll-tested huckster promoting the myth of American magnanimity while the US army carries out their latest rampage. If she’s good at what she does, the viewers will walk away feeling better about themselves and their country. Its all perception management, the facts really don’t matter.

Good luck, Katie; you’re just what the country needed, another spruced-up phony singing from the corporate song-sheet while the imperial bandwagon rides roughshod over everything in its path.


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